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ACT From The Inside Out picked up on Yah

ACT From The Inside Out picked up on Yahoo!


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Just drove from LA into SF now. Heard AF

Just drove from LA into SF now. Heard AFIO currently in top ranks at amazon! Here is recent interview with

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ACT From The Inside Out is officially on

ACT From The Inside Out is officially on sale! Buy my book online today, you will receive free gifts w/ purchase. 5% goes to a good cause. go to

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Stayed tuned to

Stayed tuned to , catch my interview with fellow Filipino, Biz & Financial Strategist, Matthew Sapaula. We talk “acting” tips for success.

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Pre-launch. ACT From The Inside Out supp

Pre-launch. ACT From The Inside Out supporting at risk youth @ the 2010 Oscars! AFIO will be included in the gift bags at the TV Guide & Hollywood Reporter Oscar Party for United Nations at- risk youth.

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“Without new experiences, something insi

“Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.” – Frank Herbert

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Your invited, Save the date! – Book Part

Your invited, Save the date! – Book Party and Benefit, Launching Act from the Inside Out in benefit of the non-profit, Pinay Aspirations, Tues., March 9 6:30 to 10pm. Axis Cafe, San Francisco

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“If you always put limit on everything y

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee

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Building Your Team: Coaches And Mentors

Building Your Team: Mentors and Coaches

With any entrepreneurial endeavor, the most successful have their team of coaches and mentors to encourage the road to success. Like professional athletes, the best actors regularly work with acting coaches, to prepare for auditions and hone their craft. I remember sitting in on well known acting teacher, Ivana Chubbuck’s class, where she shared the kind of work ethic it takes to be successful, not only in show business but in any endeavor. One of her more known students has been Charlize Theron. Even when Charlize is shooting her big budget films, Charlize remains in class working. When Charlize is on location, she stays committed and disciplined by calling in to her scene partner. I make it part of my practice to always be in acting class and coach with a teacher especially when it comes to preparing for auditions. Coaches and mentors are as important for anyone in their road to success in whatever it is you chose to do.

For my book, (which also entailed me working with a writing coach to keep me on top of my writing), I had the honor of interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs. All have managed to remain in their element of doing what they love and making a very good living from it. The one thing they all had in common was their practice of working with a “Success Coach” to keep them on track in life. Not only did the coaches help them grow their businesses, but the coaches also helped them maintain balance with their personal and family life. As one of my financial mentors, Vanessa Summers says, everything in your life is connected. If one area of your life is not paid attention to, it will affect the other areas of your life. Coaches, amongst other things, will hold you accountable and balanced in your life.

At the end of last year, after a series of four exhausting callbacks, I was cast in a made for cable TV. pilot which actually has yet to complete shooting. Production suddenly halted for unknown reasons. However, I have started to see the blessings in this project. It was through this project that I met acting coach Anthony Montes, who is now a dear friend of mine. I was cast as one of five girls that made up this secret international under cover spy operation. To make sure we had the best chemistry in our scenes, the director hired acting coach, Anthony Montes, to get us in sync with each other. Anthony, whose teachings are based on the Meisner technique, had us do a series of repetition exercises. These exercises required us to stand in front of each other, looking into each other’s eyes, authentically connecting, and make a statement of what we observe of the other person. Now this exercise may seem simple but it actually can be a very confronting and intimate experience. Many of us live in a way that we hide ourselves. One of the things a coach or mentor will do, in a trusting positive environment, is confront you with things that may be holding you back in life. It sounds simple, but in acting and in real life it can be one of the most challenging things -to be confronted with yourself. Yet it is the most powerful catalyst in encouraging your path to a successful life – whether that is in the realm of health, wealth or relationships.

Maybe you want to look into building your team. One advice is to definitely do your research!

Anthony Montes currently teaches classes in Studio City. He teaches not only actors but also non-actors, many of whom are business professionals desiring to grow their business by learning to authentically connect with their clients. To find out more information about Anthony’s classes go to:

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Reserve your copy of my book at www. and/or

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Let go and Trust

It’s been a while since my first blog. I’m still getting a hang of syncing up my technological world, which according to my publisher is of high importance these days. I am in the final stages of releasing my book, Act Now From The Inside Out. I’m doing a comprehensive edit of the whole book. To the publisher’s dismay, I’m also toying with the idea of adding another chapter. “Letting go and trusting” is a big lesson for me during this process. It’s challenging letting go of something into the public world. From one aspect, you always feel like there is room for improvement, which of course there always is. This is the perfectionist in me. I also remember in the book The Artist Way that perfectionism is the enemy of art, which I feel is true of life. You can’t always wait for something to be perfect, because nothing and no one ever is or will be. So with this book, at some point, I have to “let go, trust that the work is done” and start celebrating. Sounds resonate of coaching actors will get during a scene. This stands true in real life. The great part about letting go is moving on to the next thing on your plate. For me, I’m excited to celebrate the completion of this book and move on to my next project which is shifting the focus back to my acting. The good news is that I’m having a great start. I signed with a new manager and agent today! It just feels like a good fit and it was almost effortless in the way it came together. They are excited about me and I am excited about them. Something that I also have learned from letting go and trusting, is that when you are in the flow of where and what you should be doing, things really do fall into place. It’s not always the case especially when you are trying too hard or not trying at all. I always remind myself to “let go and trust”. It’s easier to practice this concept in certain parts of my life than others, but the great thing about life is that each moment is an opportunity to rehearse and apply this life lesson to your life scene. It’s a good lesson for the worry warts of the world, “let go and trust”.

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